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If you are looking to sell your used, junk or salvage car fast and easy, US Car Buyers are here to make your selling experience hassle-free and enjoyable.

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US Car Buyers speacializes in purchasing cars nationwide site un seen no matter the year, make, model, mileage or condition of the vehicle. US Car Buyers purchases used, junk and salvage cars. We simply ask you a few questions regarding your car and offer you a great value based on the information you provide. It’s that simple and easy so spend few hours and receive your cash for car .

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The automotive marketplace for selling your car is quite large. As an individual trying to sell your car, it can become very difficult in understanding who to call, how much your car is actually worth and most importantly, are you dealing with a reputable company that won’t just leave you stranded with a value for your car without actually providing you the service you are looking for. US Car Buyers is a fully licensed and bonded car buying company that is commited to the highest level of honesty, courtesy and professionalism when indentifying the actual value for your car. As a matter of fact, most of the appraisal process is done while you are speaking to our representative. When we buy your car we determine the value for your car based off the information you provide. This is why our process is fast and hassle-free, receive your cash for car immediately

If you were to try and sell your car privately or to other automotive buy and sell sites, you will quickly find out the stress, frustration and time consumption involved with the process. You will end up waiting for hours, days and even weeks for someone to show up for the appraisal. With us, the appraisal starts as soon as you speak to one of our buyers.

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Selling your junk car with us is very simple. The value of your junk car is simply based on the value of scrap metal in your area. US Car Buyers operates a fleet of 3500 tow trucks nationwide, therefore we buy cars and we are able to offer you a price for your junk car no matter where you are located in the United States. Our 24 – 48 hour pick up turn around time ensures you will be paid quickly during the time of pick up. Once your car reaches our facilities, our licensed title clerks ensure that all proper steps are taken in accordance with state specific law in order to rid you of any and all liabilities with your car.